Network Investigation Toolkit

The Network Investigation Toolkit (NIT) is specially designed for Law Enforcement Agencies such as Police, Military, Criminal Investigation Agencies, National Security Agencies, Cyber Security Agencies, Counter Terrorism Department, Forensics Investigators, etc. to conduct network-based forensics investigation whether it is on a Wired or Wireless LAN networks. NIT is a portable unit (laptop-based) with comprehensive network forensics features which can be carried to any location for network based investigation tasks. The NIT can be used to intercept targeted networks or users to collect the necessary evidence and trace the source of communication. The unique capability of this system is its combination of various features and functions to conduct LAN real-time interception, WLAN real-time interception, HTTPS/SSL Man-In-Th-Middle (MITM) interception on both LAN and WLAN networks, as well as, offline analysis and reconstruction of pre-captured raw data files. The 3.5G/HSDPA USB Adapter is included in the package for users to use remote access to manage the system.



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