combined logoCyber Security Institute is the Training & Competency Development Division of iSecure Consulting, specialising in cybersecurity training. Our corporate objective is to build the next generation of cyber-intelligence corps through courses that closely fit real life security issues.

Our instructor-led courses suite all levels of competency development stages.  Whether you are a consultant responding to a clients site, a law enforcement professional assisting victims of cybercrime and seeking prosecution of those responsible, an on-staff forensic practitioner or a new entrant into the exciting world of cyber security , this course offers hands-on experience with real-world scenarios and tools for career advancement that will help take your career to the next level

Our instructors are highly qualified and reputable industry consultants with vast wealth of technical & operational experience and the ability to deliver the course sessions with a high level of understanding and professionalism.

Course manuals are regularly revised for accuracy and currency and we supplement our courses with a handout CD which contains white papers, articles, links to the best web sites and utilities so that delegates can continue learning long after the course.

Course List


CODE Course
CSI-CB Executive Cyber-Security Bootcamp
CSI-CE Cyber-Security Essentials
CSI-CS Cyber Surveillance
CSI-CA Cyber Assurance & Management (Diploma Certificate)
CSI-CI Cybercrime Investigation Training
CSI-LI Lawful Interception Training
CSI-NC National Cyber-Security Surveillance Training
CSI-WC Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

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For further information, email: csi@isecureconsulting.com