_77814069_178390103We engage with corporate and national governments to perform internet content management and deep packet inspection,  end-to-end corporate cyber-intelligence, digital forensics analysis, digital surveillance, profiling and overall lawful interception.  We also develop or improve information security controls that enable organizations to comply with internal and external information security requirements.

Our unique and award-winning eDetective solution provides a single-source service to our clients in the following areas:

  • Lawful Interception Suite
  • Wired packet reconstruction
  • Wireless packet reconstruction
  • HTTPS/SSL interceptorconsulting-business
  • Off-line packet reconstruction
  • VOIP packet reconstruction
  • Packet Reconstruction Development Toolkit
  • Data Leakage prevention / Auditing
  • Cyber forensics training programs for LI, Cyber Intelligence, and Protocol Analysis

A full description of our award-winning solution are as below:

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